Tapas Menu

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Almost everyone likes a little bite to eat and Spanish tapas are a perfect example. In Spain tapas are not so much a kind of food, but a way of eating.  Spaniards go to tapas bars to meet friends, to chat, and to watch other people.  Conversations range from the mundane to the political, to the philosophical and the food can be very simple or simply elegant.  These tiny meals serve as a way to bring all types of people together.

Some historians say the habit of placing a slice of bread or a piece of ham on top of a wine glass, perhaps to keep out insects, was the tapa origin. This edible lid, la tapa, set the stage for modern-day tapas.

The tradition of the tapa spread through Spain and then the rest of the world, with each country putting its own spin on these little dishes.  The traditional drink with the tapa is wine and tapas are to be eaten between main meals allowing the body to survive until lunch or dinner time.

The Weekly Special Dinner Menu at Daiquiri Dick's Restaurant is featuring tapas from Jananuary 26 to February 1, 2015. Executive Chef Ignacio Uribe and Sous Chef Hugo Mejia have come up with an awesome tapa style menu sure to satisfy your little cravings. Dinner is served from 5 to 11pm.

*Asparagus-Brie Tartines with Prosciutto and Sun Dried Tomatoes on grilled Baguette
*Spanish Omelette with Potatoes, Onions and Parsley served with salad and a lime aioli
*Celery, Grilled Grape and Mushroom Salad with a white wine Dijon mustard and shallot vinaigrette

*Pintxo Style Shrimp and Marinated Fish file served with Chipotle Aioli over Grilled Baguette with Grilled Asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto
*Garlic Basil Chicken with Caprese Salad
*Skewered Flank Steak with Argentine Chimchurri Sauce

Coffee Crème Brûlée
Orange Infused Vanilla Flan

Order a bunch of tapas to share and enjoy all the great flavors of Spain. 

Daiquiri Dick's, An Exceptional Experience.