Pet Picnic Wrap 2014

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It was a beautiful oceanfront venue, gourmet food and quality time spent with everyone’s best four-legged friend. That was the atmosphere at the 9th Annual Pet Picnic. It was a dog gone good time. This yearly fund raiser for PEACE Animals, a local non-profit which holds high volume mobile spay and neuter clinics in Banderas Bay and surrounding areas, was held on December 6, 2014.

There were about 30 dogs and more than twice as many humans on the patio at Daiquiri Dick's Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This was also a great chance to meet other animal lovers and learn how you can help with the plight of local dogs and cats.

"The Pet Picnic is so much fun every year and people should come even if they don’t have a dog," says Ellen Beck, Poodle Parent, "it is a wonderful cause and I think it was a heck of a lot of fun for both the dogs and their guardians, I always have a wonderful time."

A fabulous Basset decked out in a festive Christmas costumet walked down the runway and won first prize in the best-dressed competition. Seven dogs participated and the winner was chosen by audience applause.

The festivities also included a raffle, a live auction and a picnic lunch plus doggie bag filled with kibble. Various businesses donated items for the raffle including local vets and there were human prizes, too, like gift certificates from Buen Flex Clothing, Puerto Vallarta Paddle Boarding and various restaurants, to name a few.

"I love it, it’s such a fun thing to do," says Sandra Anderson, Picnic Guest, "this is my favorite event of the season and the most amazing thing is how well the dogs get along, they have more fun than we do, it’s a delight."

Just over $29,000 pesos was raised. This amount covers one four-day clinic where an average of 105 animals are sterilized. These help curb the domestic animal population greatly. PEACE Animal started the clinics in Banderas Bay in 2003 and since then they have sterilized over 28,000 dogs and cats. This is for the benefit of the animals as well as the human population.

This grass roots approach is accepted with joy throughout the area. The mobile spay and neuter clinics prevent unwanted births, as well as reducing the number of dogs and cats on the streets hit by cars, poisoned, diseased, and/or starving. Spaying and neutering also reduces, or can eliminate, many health problems and injuries that are difficult and/or expensive to treat.

Additionally, the amount of male dog and cat fights are radically reduced, humans are less likely to be injured by cats and dogs, and communities are cleaner and safer. Many animal shelters in Mexico are not operating due to a lack of government funds, even though shelters are required by law.

The staff at Daiquiri Dick's wants to thank everyone for coming to this howling good event and congratulate their staff on providing a great picnic lunch and doggie bags for all four-legged friends. The restaurant is pet friendly for beach and patio dining. Walk your dogs along the beach and then stop for a treat.

For more information or to make a US tax deductible donation, please visit their website