Mentor Menu

Ignacio and Hnoi 2005 at a catering event.

Almost everyone remembers a specific teacher that really influenced their life. A teacher provides education for students but can also leave a lasting impression.

At Daiquiri Dick's Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Executive Chef and General Manager, Ignacio Uribe, credits several past executive or guest chefs for helping him continue growing in his profession. 

The person with the biggest influence was Rafael Nazario, who was the Executive Chef at Daiquiri Dick's in the late 90s through the early 2000s. Rafael brought his style of cooking to the restaurant and he wrote the Daiquiri Dick's cookbook which gained attention from the James Beard Foundation. In August 2004, Rafael, Ignacio and the crew went to New York City to prepare a dinner of Mexican haute cuisine at the James Beard House.

Long time employees leave their mark on a restaurant. At Daiquiri Dick's former Manager and Chef Hnoi Lattitham spent over ten years cultivating the menu with Executive Chef, Ignacio Uribe. Together they fused classic Mexican, European and American preparations and added a spirited dose of Asian, Indian and northern African flavors.

Hnoi was born and raised in Thailand and her influences could be seen on the regular menu and any special menus at the restaurant.

Owners Tari and Peter Bowman have also made a big impression on Iganacio. He began working at the restaurant in 1991 and Tari was and is still involved with the menu. Other influences include guest chefs that participated in Festival Gourmet over many years. 

Chefs Ernesto and Pablo, formally of The Mustard Grill in Napa Valley. They are originally from Oaxaca and you can see their mark on the regular menu with the Mongolian Glazed Rack of Pork and many of the weekly special menus.

All of these great chefs have contributed to the Weekly Special Menu, which runs December 21 to 23 and 26 and 27, 2016. This is an a la carte menu and dinner is served from 5 to 11pm.

*Mushu Salad Wrap with Roast Duck, Arugula and Fresh Figs with Sukiyaki and Hoisin Sauces
*Charred Tomatillo Soup with Parmesan Cheese
*Matt’s Salad - Mixed Greens, Farmer’s Cheese and Pepitas in a Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette

*Roasted Lemon Rosemary Chicken served over Pan-Finished Mushrooms and Spinach
*Rigatoni with Shrimp in a light Poblano Cream Sauce
*Grilled Fresh Sea Bass with Miso Gochujang Glaze on a Bed of Steamed Rice, Napa Cabbage, Carrots and Green Beans

*Ginger Crème Brûlée
*Raspberry Marble Cheese Cake

During the winter season reservations are recommended, 222 0566. Just a note about our reservation policy. Reservations are held for a maximum of 15 minutes. We do not guarantee particular tables, although we make every effort to accommodate requests. This policy is in place to ensure the integrity of all reservations.

Enjoy a wonderful sunset, a great meal and superb service at Daiquiri Dick's, An Exceptional Experience.