Hostess Emma

Hostess Emma Quintero

She is the first person you see when you enter the restaurant. Hostess, Emma Quintero has been meeting and greeting guests at Daiquiri Dick's since 2001.

"It is really like my extended family," says Emma, "we have a large number of regular clients and I have become well acquainted with all of them over the years. They live here full or part-time and visit the restaurant regularly so I really get to know them and share a part of their lives. I have watched many kids and grandchildren grow up." They visit us to have a good time.

Emma says her job is not boring and there's a wide range of activities which includes greeting, chatting, seating clients, fielding complaints, dealing with disgruntled clients and making sure everyone has a seat. She says the new electronic reservation system makes it easier to track guests and less errors are made.

Be sure to give Emma a hello because she will certainly give you a big smile.