Cook Book Secrets

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Many like to have mementos from a vacation and the variety can range from t-shirts to mugs to key chains and even more. Daiquiri Dick's Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta has a whole line of items sure to make any recipient happy.

Restaurant Secrets Revealed
The Sand in Your Shoes, Kitchen Workbook is in its second edition. This updated version boasts a bigger format, which opens to the desired page with ease and larger print which makes it easier to read. All the recipes are in English and Spanish.

Over 100 recipes, photos and great stories about this historic Puerto Vallarta Restaurant and its owners can be found in its pages. Award winning Tortilla Soup, Asian Chicken Salad and Sesame Crusted Tuna are just some of the long time favorites, plus there are some new additions as well.

The restaurant’s innovative menu constantly evolves and is characterized as Mediterranean, Mexican cuisine with Asian influences. Whether it is a main course, appetizer, omelette, tapas, salad, or sandwich, the chefs at Daiquiri Dick’s blend the flavors to create interesting combinations, subtle, yet zesty.  With Sand In Your Shoes, you can experience these great flavors wherever in the world you happen to live. Cookbooks sell for $200 pesos and can be bought in the restaurant or online at

All cooks should have an apron to keep themselves looking good and stylish while preparing a meal. These are 100 percent heavy cotton denim and embroidered with the Daiquiri Dick's fish-on-a-stick logo. Bundle this with our cook book and the cost is $425 pesos and the apron alone is $250.

The famous heavy cotton denim napkins, which are the same ones used in the restaurant, are also available. Four can be bundled with the cookbook for $525 pesos or purchase a six-pack of napkins for $600 pesos.

There are also several styles of t-shirts in a wide variety of colors ($175 pesos), baseball caps ($150 pesos) and shot glasses ($80 pesos).

Daiquiri Dick's offers Gift Certificates in any amount you desire. A great opportunity to share a wonderful dining experience.

*Prices and merchandise subject to change.