Anniversary Special

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A beach joint famous for fish on a stick and cold beer has transformed over the past 40 years into a fine dining experience. Daiquiri Dick's Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta has evolved but kept its casual atmosphere and has added the elegant touch fine dining.

Since 1972 this Los Muertos Beach restaurant has been serving a variety of foods and has grown in size and sophistication. Many clients have been eating there for almost as long as it has been open.

Peter and Tari Bowman bought the famous restaurant in 1981. They felt the need to do something outrageous like move to a foreign country and experience a new lifestyle. "We have always been a little crazy when it comes to trying new business ventures," says Tari, "I like to think that we were always ahead of the times."

In a grand leap of faith, they sold their San Francisco Bay area businesses, packed up their two small children and headed south of the border.  The Bowmans thought it was a great adventure for their kids to grow up in an environment exposing them to two languages and two distinct cultures.  However, it was these same differences, which presented their greatest challenges.

"Our friends and family thought we were crazy, and many still believe we are," laughs Tari, "years ago travel to Mexico, much less moving here to start a new life, was very much out of the ordinary, but we saw a unique opportunity and went for it."

The restaurant has thrived with Peter and Tari at the helm and they are celebrating their anniversary with a menu that reflects old time favorites. Executive Chef Ignacio Uribe has tweeked the items but the a la carte menu will certainly satisfy. This trip down memory lane will be featured November 24 to 30, 2014, except on Thanksgiving night, the 27th and dinner is served from 5 to 11pm.

Romaine Wedges with Hearts of Palm and Curried Green Goddess Dressing
Breaded Chicken Wings with Aioli
Lobster Bisque

Grilled Crown of Shrimp with mango sauce, rice and green beans
Dorado Fillet stuffed with cheese, rolled & wrapped with bacon, served with a white wine Dijon mustard sauce
California Chicken Breast stuffed with cheese and green onions wrapped in bacon and served with a curried mushroom sauce & chutney

Key Lime Pie
Coconut Flan
Chocolate Cheese Cake

This anniversary menu features lobster bisque, which was on the original Daiquiri Dick's menu when the Bowmans bought the restaurant.  Green Goddess salad dressing was one they created to help promote people to try the salads.  The fish and chicken dishes were some of the most popular creations that go way. Peter used to  make vats of the curry sauce and most of the guys working in the kitchen had never tasted curry.

You can still order the fish on a stick and a cold beer, the restaurant's ambiance and menu reflects the ongoing innovations while still holding true to the favorites and traditions.

Dining at Daiquiri Dick's is always an exceptional experience shared by many long-standing customers, and it's sure to attract new diners in the future.  It's a place where everyone receives special treatment.