About Us

If there is great food, excellent wine and a bevy of lively people, you are sure to find Peter and Tari Bowman, owners of Daiquiri Dick's, enjoying an evening at their restaurant.  They have always adored entertaining at their home and eating out at distinct restaurants, therefore the atmosphere at Daiquiri Dick's is like an extension of their dining room.  It is designed to be comfortable and a great gathering place for friends and families. Actually, they really can be seen dining there several nights a week.

26 years have passed since the Bowmans felt the need to do something outrageous like move to a foreign country and experience a new lifestyle.  "We have always been a little crazy when it comes to trying new business ventures," says Tari. "I like to think that we are always ahead of the times."

As it happens, Puerto Vallarta chose them.  On several visits to the area, they often chatted with the original owners of Daiquiri Dick's during meals and eventually discovered the restaurant was for sale. In a grand leap of faith, they sold their Bay Area businesses, packed up their two small children and headed south of the border.  The Bowmans thought it was a great adventure for their kids to grow up in an environment exposing them to two languages and two distinct cultures.  However, it was these same differences, which presented their greatest challenge.

"Learning to speak Spanish and understand Mexican business practices were a bit daunting at first," says Peter, "We did and still do take a lot in stride and encourage others to do so.  Patience is the key."

"Our friends and family thought we were crazy, and many still believe we are," laughs Tari. "Years ago travel to Mexico, much less moving here to start a new life, was very much out of the ordinary," but we saw a unique opportunity and went for it.

Owning one of the best restaurants in the area is the greatest reward.  The Bowmans have enjoyed watching members of their staff grow-up while on the job.  Many have been employed for well over 10 years and whole families can be found working in the restaurant.  "Tari and I take pride in the fact that we emphasize restaurant work as a career choice," say Peter. "Many of the kids we employ end up staying here for years. Not only do they make a living but they share their new love of different foods and wines with their families." Peter and Tari often say that they are not reinventing the wheel, the restaurant will continue to evolve and they will continue to push the envelope when it comes to dining experiences in Puerto Vallarta.

What started out as a little hut on the beach where you could get a grilled fish on a stick and a cold beer has changed dramatically.  Even though you can still order the fish on a stick and a cold beer, the restaurant's ambiance and menu reflects the ongoing innovations while still holding true to the favorites and traditions.

Dining at Daiquiri Dick's is always an exceptional experience shared by many long-standing customers, and it's sure to attract new diners in the future.  It's a place where everyone receives special treatment.